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    Ghetto Sunrise

    (ex-Strela resident) Ghetto Sunrise — one of the founders of the vinyl label Criminal Practice, responsible for some of the most popular parties in Kyiv and Odessa. As a DJ and producer Ghetto Sunrise represents the new school of contemporary electronic sound in his city.

    Despite the fact that Vlad’s career is only at its beginning, he is already a guest in internationally renowned clubs, such as CDV, The Golden Pudel in Hamburg, Jasna-1 in  Warsaw  and The Loft in Vienna.

    A big fan of vinyl, he collects records from a variety of periods, not being tied to specific genres, but still preferring tech house, progressive house, or trance.

    Gradually, Ghetto Sunrise’s production experience grows. In the summer of 2019, Criminal Practice released their debut record, which included his track 'Mocujin'. And then another one from the same imprint — with the 'de_train' track. In 2021, as part of the Virtual Reality duo, Vlad released the track 'Underground Legends'.

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